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Funnel Factories #4 Launch

Sunday 19th October  2014. 11am Eastern

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Month 1 – Some quick stats

Our top three affiliates got conversion rates on the Front End of 6.5% – 9.25%

The conversion to the OTO 1 and to OTO 2 was an average of 30% each



Box-1 - 100 Percent

The core product is the “Platinum” version which not only builds a full front end funnel (see video below) but also comes complete with a professionally written 15 email “mini tutorial” AR sequence. That is also automatically created by the software. It includes rebrandable giveaways to keep open rates high and to build authority as well as carefully selected affiliate offers (many with scarcity)

Each month we will launch a Lite & Pro version which feeds to the Platinum upgrade & members deal.

This month we have a great niche – WordPress.


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